PULS Power Range Selection

Welcome to our Range Selection page, where we showcase a diverse array of power supply solutions from our trusted supplier, PULS.

For Single Phase Systems, PULS offers compact and efficient DIN rail power supplies, boasting high efficiency values that help reduce system costs while ensuring superior lifetime and uptime through high MTBF. For Three Phase applications, PULS provides highly efficient and compact solutions, available with output voltages ranging from 12Vdc to 72Vdc to meet your wide variety of applications. Some models are even specified for 2 Phase Operation, ensuring versatility in various setups.

Additionally, with DC/DC converters delivering industry standard regulated voltages of 12Vdc, 24Vdc, or 48Vdc, securing system reliability and security in the face of voltage fluctuations. Finally, PULS' field power supplies, such as the FIEPOS series, offer flexible use directly in the field with high protection classes and robust housing, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding environments.


PULS MiniLine

Discover the MiniLine family, offering efficient DIN-rail power supplies tailored for low to medium power needs, ranging from 15 W to 100 W. These rugged units, housed in durable plastic boast a compact design, reliability, and easy installation, ensuring a seamless setup process. MiniLine users benefit from an impressive cost-benefit ratio and high power density, with devices as small as 30 W requiring only 22.5 mm of space on DIN-rail. Explore our extensive selection of MiniLine power supplies to find the perfect fit for your requirements and optimize your power distribution efficiently. 



The unparalleled functionality of DIMENSION power supplies, offering top-tier efficiency and reliability for diverse applications. With features such as power reserves of 20% or 50%, active PFC, wide temperature tolerance, and international approvals, these robust units ensure optimal performance in any setting. Achieving peak efficiencies of up to 95.6%, DIMENSION power supplies enable compact designs, enhanced reliability, and extended service life.

Pair them with compatible PULS supplementary units like DC-UPS, redundancy, buffer, and protection modules to further enhance system suitability. Discover the comprehensive capabilities of DIMENSION power supplies and elevate the performance of your systems or machines to new heights.


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