Mean Well Range Selection

Welcome to our Range Selection page for the MEAN WELL range of products. MEAN WELL take pride in consistently expanding it's product offerings, so here at Simply Power Supplies we are here to help you find your most suitable option. The comprehensive range of power supply solutions caters to various industries, offering options ranging from 0.5W to 25,600W making it one of the most comprehensive ranges in the DC Power Industry.

To make this process easier, we have broken down the product ranges as below, with more details available on each product page. Due to the wealth of products available from MEAN WELL, you won't find them all on our website, so please do contact us if there is anything you require that isn't showing on our website. 


DIN Rail Power Supplies

MEAN WELL's extensive range of DIN rail products comprises over 52 series and 165 models, offering solutions for a wide range of applications. From AC/DC power supplies ranging from 10W to 960W to DC/DC converters spanning 15W to 480W, we can provide MEAN WELL's comprehensive options to suit your power supply needs. Additionally, our product line includes various supplementary units such as inrush current limiters, redundancy modules, buffer modules, and DC UPS functions, ensuring enhanced functionality and flexibility for your systems.

Chassis Mount Power Supplies

MEAN WELL has a large variety of enclosed, chassis mount power supplies available as part of their product range. From small, simple units such as the LRS range, to 5kW modular units such as the RST, there is always something suitable for your power requirements. If you don't have a product range in mind, do contact us with your requirements so we can help you identify the most suitable product range for you.

DC/DC Converters

With over 100 series and 900 models covering a range from 0.5W to 1000W, MEAN WELL offers a comprehensive selection of DC/DC converters tailored to diverse applications. These converters span five categories - Enclosed, PCB, On-board, Module type, and DIN rail type - accommodating various installation methods and application sites. Whether you require I/O isolation or non-isolated, regulated or non-regulated converters, MEAN WELL delivers with single, dual, or triple output voltages. Whilst we only keep a small variety of these units on our website, please contact us if there are any specific options you require.
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