Single to 3 Phase Conveters (FAQ)

What is a Single to 3PH Converter?

A single to 3PH converter is can transform a single phase power into three-phase power (where no 3PH is available). It uses electronic components (inc. Capacitors and Transformers) to manipulate the electrical input, effectively creating a simulated three-phase output.

These converters are commonly used in industrial applications where three-phase power is essential for machinery, motors, or other equipment.

How to Convert Single Phase to 3 Phase?

If you have equipment which required 3 Phase, but only have access to standard 230Vac electrics, simply head to our Single to 3 Phase Converter page and select a converter.

How to Converter 3 Phase to Single Phase?

In simple terms you don't need to! Three phase eletricity is essentially just three lots of single phase electricity, in fact the single phase you have in your home or office is just one of the three phases which is used to distribute electricity throughout the UK. If you have three phase and a neutral then you already have single phase and should ask an electricial to help you to understand how to use it.

How noisy is a Rotary Single to Three Phase Converter?

We have measured the noise level or our single to 3 phase converters and they readt at about 65db (decibels). To give an idea of how loud this is it is about the same as a domestic vacuum cleaner (or possible slightly quieter). Because these converters are often used on machines with motors, the load is frequently louder than the converter and so the noise of hte converter is not an issue. If you have any other questions about this then please do give us a call.

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