Power Supplies (FAQ)

What is a PSU?

PSU stands for power supply unit. We refer to a power supply as a device that converts mains AC input to a DC output. A PSU can sometimes refer to the power supply within a PC, but this isn’t something we can offer.

What Power Supply do I need? How do I pick a Power Supply?

To answer this, you need two pieces of information, your required voltage and required power (either in Amps or Watts). First, find the DC voltage required. Some common voltages are 12Vdc and 24Vdc. It is important to select the correct voltage, and check it requires DC not AC power.

Next, find how much power is required. This is measured in amps or watts (with watts being the total power, calculated as Voltage x Amps), and you need to use a power supply with more power than your required load. So, if you have a 300W load the very minimum requirement is a 300W power supply. However, you can use a power supply with higher output power, for example a 350W power supply.

Can I use a Power Supply with lower amps?

No, if your minimum required load (A) is less than the maximum output current (measured in Amps), you will need to use a larger power supply. For example, a 10A power supply could be used to power a 5A load, but a 5A power supply could not power a 10A load.

Can I use a Power Supply with higher amps?

Yes, current is drawn, not forced. So you can use a 10A power supply to power a 5A load. The 10A power supply would only supply 5A, but still have the capability to power a further 5A.

What is a UPS Power Supply?

UPS refers to Uninterruptible Power Supply, which means the output will not be interrupted in a mains failure by using a battery backup. We offer UPS units with either a DC or AC output, and more information can be found on our DC UPS and AC UPS applications.

What is a 3-phase Power Supply?

When asked this question, we assume the user requires a power supply with a 3-phase input. These are available, but there aren’t as many options as possible available and they usually start at a higher wattage output. If this is required, please advise us on your requirement so this can be looked in to.

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