What is a DC UPS?

UPS refers to Uninterruptible Power Supply, which means the output will not be interrupted in a mains failure by using a battery backup. We offer UPS units with either a DC or AC output, with a DC UPS having a DC output. For DC UPS Click Here and AC UPS Click Here.

Do DC UPS have an internal battery?

Unlike AC UPS units, DC UPS typically use external batteries which should give you more flexibility on the autonomy options available.

Do DC UPS have an AC or DC Input?

We can offer options that use either an AC or DC input, but most of the units we typically suggest take an AC input to a DC output. The DCH for example, uses mains power to charge batteries and power a load. Redundancy modules are available if you already have an existing system that needs added redundancy.

What is the output voltage on a DC UPS?

The output voltage is the same on both the battery output and load output. So as an example on a 24Vdc DC UPS system, during normal operation your battery and load will receive ~27.3Vdc output. In a mains failure system, your load will see the battery voltage until the low voltage disconnect is reached, as an example 21.5Vdc.

If your load voltage is sensitive, you can use a DC/DC converter on the output to stabilise this voltage. You can find more information on DC/DC converters in our FAQs, or feel free to contact us for advice on your DC UPS requirement.
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