DIMENSION Family: Uniting Performance, Variants, and Features

A Selection of Power Supplies in the PULS Dimension range, with a piece of DIN Rail
  • Highest Performance: Benefit from PULS's 35 years of technological advancements, delivering the highest efficiency, longest service life, and smallest dimensions in the market.
  • Continuously Advancing: The DIMENSION family evolves to provide reliable and efficient power supplies for your applications, ensuring easy installation and worry-free operation for years.

Wide Range of Options:

  • The DIMENSION family offers the widest range of 12 to 48 V DIN rail power supplies, classified into three series: Q, C, and X, accommodating 1-, 2-, or 3-phase inputs with a power range of 80 to 960 W.
  • Each series comprises various power supply models, featuring helpful attributes like DC-OK relay contact, remote shut-down, spring clamps, DC wide-range input, and essential approvals, catering to diverse application needs.

Valuable for Every Demand:

  • With its comprehensive features and variants, the DIMENSION family proves valuable for high-demanding applications, ensuring reliable power supply solutions for various industries.



We keep a variety of the DIMENSION Range available to order on our website, as linked in the pages below. Click the links as below to see the full range of products provided within each of the DIMENSION Range of DIN Rail Products.


The pinnacle of efficiency and space-saving design, the PULS DIMENSION C series power supplies. Offering unparalleled reliability and longevity, these AC/DC and DC/DC converters ensure the lowest cost of ownership for customers. Ideal for international applications, DIN rail power supplies from the C series feature a range of output voltage options, connector types, and special features to suit diverse needs.


Discover excellence with the DIMENSION Q series, offering top-tier 1-phase and 3-phase DIN rail power supplies ranging from 80 W to 960 W. These premium power solutions feature compact designs, extended lifetimes, and unmatched reliability. Benefit from 50% BonusPower across all Q series models, facilitating the starting of heavy loads like DC motors or capacitive loads. With exceptional efficiency values, such as up to 95.3% for the QT40.241 model, experience minimized power losses in the form of heat. Enjoy high immunity to transients and power surges, along with low electromagnetic emission, ensuring versatile usage in diverse environments.


The DIMENSION X series includes highly efficient and cost saving 960 W 3-phase DIN rail power supplies with semi-regulation. These electrically and mechanically robust power supplies are ideal for starting motors or supplying heavy loads. The power supplies of the X series are therefore the perfect alternative or replacement for AC transformers.

Whilst we don't display the X Series of PULS Power Supply units on our website, we can offer these units.  If the unit you require is listed below, then we can provide you with a quote, so please do get in touch so we can offer further assistance.

  • XT40.241 - 24Vdc 40A
  • XT40.242 - 24Vdc 40A
  • XT40.361 - 36Vdc 26.6A
  • XT40.362 - 36Vdc 26.6A
  • XT40.481 - 48Vdc 20A
  • XT40.482 - 48Vdc 20A
  • XT40.721 - 72Vdc 13.3A
  • XT40.722 - 72Vdc 13.3A


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