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Voltage Power Mounting Style
24Vdc 960W (With Appropriate 24Vdc Input) DIN Rail


  • 24Vdc Input DC UPS Control Unit
  • 1-Battery-Concept - Each 12V battery is charged and monitored separately for longest battery life, matching of batteries not necessary
  • Output is decoupled from the input to separate load circuits into buffered and non-buffered sections
  • Allows VRLA Battery sizes between 12Ah and 200Ah; “Battery Size” selector for various battery sizes
  • 50% BonusPower for up to 5s
  • Superior battery management for longest battery life
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring functions
  • “Replace Battery” signal included
  • “Battery-Low Prewarning” signal included
  • selectable buffer time limiter
  • Temperature controlled battery charging
  • 3 Years warranty

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