Mean Well LRS Chassis Mount Power Supply

Mean Well LRS Range - Slim Enclosed Power Supplies

LRS Series: Compact and 1U low profile design
Input: Non-PFC, suitable for most economical models
Surge Protection: Withstands 300VAC input surge
Energy Efficiency: No load power consumption ranges from 0.2W to 0.75W
Durability: Withstands 5G vibration and operates at 70?
Versatility: Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
Safety Certifications: IEC/EN60335-1(PD3), IEC/EN61558-1, -2-16; IEC/EN/UL62368-1 and GB4943

LRS-35 Series:

LRS-50 Series:

LRS-75 Series:

LRS-100 Series:

LRS-150 Series:

LRS-200 and LRS-350 Series:

The larger 200W and 350W are not currently stocked by Simply Power Supplies due to the CE certification not fulfilling harmonic current requirements for use in the EU. For this reason, we would instead suggest one of Mean Well's many alternatives. Please contact us for more information on alternatives we can offer.
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