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Weight: 12.7 kg
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Manufacturer: EFFEKTA
Manufacturer Part Number: ACX11MXS80000001
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Type Max. Power Mounting Style
Line Interactive 800VA Tower

  • UPS Classification: VFI-SS-311 compliant with IEC 62040-3 standards
  • With Line-Interactive Output 
  • Features a user-friendly LCD display for easy monitoring
  • Generates sine wave output for stable power delivery
  • Automatically detects input frequencies for simple installation 
  • Standard-equipped with an RS-232 port for connectivity
  • Includes a slot for optional adapters:
    • Relay-Card
    • Opto-Coupler
    • USB
    • SNMP
  • With management software compatible with common operating systems for convenient monitoring and control

Other Models (available on request):
  • ACX11MXS80000M19 - XL varient with separate battery pack. 19 Minutes Autonomy
  • ACX11MXS80000M33 - XL varient with separate battery pack. 33 Minutes Autonomy
  • ACX11MXS80000M50 - XL varient with separate battery pack. 50 Minutes Autonomy

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