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Weight: 29.5 kg
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Manufacturer: EFFEKTA
Manufacturer Part Number: ACX11MST3K000000
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Type Max. Power Mounting Style
Line Interactive 3000VA 19" Rack Mount

  • UPS Classification: VI-SS-311 (IEC 62040-3) compliant
  • Employs line-interactive technology for optimized performance
  • Boasts an impressive power factor of 0.9, ensuring efficient power usage
  • High efficiency rating (>97%) for energy conservation
  • Adaptable as a "RackTower," functioning as both a standalone unit and a 19" rack mount unit
  • XL-models offer expandability via external battery packs
  • Wide input voltage range accommodates various power inputs
  • Features a user-friendly LCD display with backlight for enhanced visibility
  • Outputs are programmable for customized configurations
  • Supports hot-swappable batteries for continuous operation
  • Delivers sine wave output for stable and reliable power
  • Automatically detects input frequencies for simple functionality
  • Equipped with RS-232 and USB ports as standard
  • Includes a slot for optional adapters such as relay-cards or SNMP module for additional functionalities
  • Available with comprehensive management software for effective system monitoring and control.

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