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Voltage Power Mounting Style
48Vdc 480W DIN Rail


A DC UPS Solution which provides a DC output from a 230Vac mains input, meaning you need just this one unit for your power supply and redundancy module. By using external batteries, the unit has the flexibility to offer multiple autonomy options, and with a battery charge limiter on the front of each unit (via potentiometer), there are so many options to meet your installation needs.

With multiple useful features such as:  
  • Excellent overload behavior, up to 300%
  • Wide input voltage range of 90 - 305V
  • High efficiency up to> 91%
  • MTBF> 300,000 hours according to IEC 61709
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection on output
  • Dry contacts
  • Suitable for open, sealed AGM / lead-acid batteries / Optional Ni-Cad / Optional Li-Ion batteries
  • 4-step battery charge according to IUoU charging curve
With extensive battery monitoring which offers:
  • Battery short circuit
  • Suitability of the battery type (voltage test)
  • Battery not connected
  • Sulphated battery

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