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Weight: 0.6 kg
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Manufacturer: PULS
Manufacturer Part Number: CP10.481
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Output Voltage Output Current Power Mounting Style Input
48Vdc 5.4A 200W DIN 230Vac

  • AC 100-240V Wide-range Input
  • Width only 39mm
  • +10% (5.4A) continuous current up to +60°C
  • +20% (6A) continuous current up to +45°C (PowerBoost)
  • Efficiency up to 95.5%
  • Excellent Partial Load Efficiency
  • Safe HiccupPLUS Overload Mode
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Minimal Inrush Current Surge
  • Full Power Between -25°C and +60°C
  • DC-OK Relay Contact

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