ICi12-12 072

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Manufacturer: Alfatronix
Manufacturer Part Number: ICi12-12 072
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Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Power Mounting Style
12-16Vdc 12Vdc 6A 72W Chassis

Efficient DC-DC Intelligent Battery Chargers. For applications that require a DC Battery Charger where only DC power is available or suitable.

Advanced Charging Program: Our DC-DC intelligent battery chargers offer a comprehensive four-stage charging program, ensuring maximum battery capacity and long-term reliable power.
Safety Features: Designed with safety in mind, these chargers detect faulty batteries and dead cells, preventing unintentional drainage of the source battery. They won't operate unless connected to a charging source like a vehicle alternator or mains unit.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for automotive, marine, petrochemical, and off-road applications, these galvanically isolated chargers are ideal for a wide range of vehicles including fire, police, ambulance, farming, forestry, commercial, and leisure marine vehicles.

Key Features:
  • Four-stage charging cycle ensures optimal battery health.
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents system failure.
  • Units feature a three-point mounting cradle for fast and easy installation.
  • Fifth terminal available for float-mode charging if needed. 
Meets Your Approval Requirements:
  • 2014/30/EU - The general EMC directive
  • Regulation 10 - The automotive directive
  • 93/68/EEC - The CE marking directive
  • If you require Railway approved versions, please contact us for more information
Wide Range: Choose from Alfatronix's large product range, suitable for various vehicles and vessels. With an even wider range of Alfatronix products available, please contact us if you don't see the product you require.

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