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K is for Kilowatts

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Thursday January 30, 2014 at 9:14am
A Kilowatt is a unit of measurement of power and in our case electrical power. A Kilowatt is actually one thousand Watts.

The Watt was named after the Scientist James Watt after his ground breaking work on the development of the steam engine and it was formally adopted as the SI unit for power in 1960, although it was widely used before this.

In the case of electrical power a Watt is the voltage multiplied by the current, therefore we get the equation:

W = V x I

If we are discussing the power of a DC Power Supply we can work out the power by knowing both the voltage and the current, equally if you know the voltage and power which you require we can work out the power.

It is common in DC Power Supplies for the power, in W, to be included in the part number. For example a DRP-240-24 is 240W and 24Vdc (meaning it is a 10A unit).

This may be of help when you are trying to select the right power supply for the job, if not then why not just get in touch?
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