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Tuesday April 25, 2017 at 10:06am
What do you need to know about a replacement Power Supply?If you have a broken power supply or have just lost the power supply here is a guide to what information we would need to help you find a replacement.First we would need to know what the power supply looks like. Generally it could be (select your type by clicking the picture - below):A "plug-top" power supply:A "Desktop" or "lump-in-line" power supply: A DIN Rail Power Supply:A Chassis Mount power supply....
Wednesday January 27, 2016 at 2:15pm
We often get asked "How do you reduce 24Vdc to 12Vdc" and the answer is pretty easy - you use a DC to DC converter which has a 24Vdc (nominal) input with a regulated 12Vdc output. There are a number of advantages of this solution but one big advantage is that you can get a very stable 12Vdc output from a 24Vdc source which may even be wandering or diminishing. Most of the 24Vdc input DC DC Converters which we sell have an input range of 18-36Vdc and therefore as long as the voltage doe....
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