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A is for Amps

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Tuesday July 17, 2012 at 2:37pm
The unit of measurement Amp is short for Ampere and is the measurement of electrical current.

It is the way in which we measure electrical charge passing any given point in an electrical circuit, in many ways we can think of this measurement as a flow rate (think about flow of water through a pipe).

When thinking about a power supply you will often have two of three very important pieces of information, the Voltage, Power or Current which you need. These three units of measurement are linked through the equation P=IxV where P is power (in Watts); V is Voltage and I is the current (in Amps)

To summerise, when buying any DC Power Product such as a Power Supply, DC DC Converter, Battery Charger or Power Converter, it is esential that you know not only the Voltages which you require, but also the Current or Power. These latter two measurements will allow us to understand the size (in electricalterms) of the unit which you require.

If you have any other questions relating to Amps or Current, then why not leave us a message below?
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