110Vdc Power Supplies

Options for Power Supply with 110Vdc Output

110Vdc is an industrial voltage used in a variety of industry sectors, which is why we do our best to offer several solutions for quick despatch. From large industrial cabinets requiring tens of kilowatts, to product testers that require an adjustable output, we can offer solutions to fit your requirements.

The ADC4370/96 is an adjustable power supply, which can output up to 144Vdc. Users that require a 110Vdc power supply for testing their own products, or those that require a reliable source of 110Vdc can use this chassis mount option. Using a potentiometer, the voltage can be set within its parameters, with more information available in the datasheet. So even if you do not require the adjustability, the ADC range offers high voltage outputs in a small form factor.

240Vac to 110Vdc Power Supply

For larger applications, the MT series offers modular design for hot-swap applications. Available in single or three phase inputs, the MT110V/20A units give 20A 110Vdc output. As the outputs are adjustable from 95-150Vdc output, they are suitable for charging batteries or used simply as a power supply. With multiple mounting options, these can be used in a 19” rack or wall mounted. The larger MT110V/40A-AN3 is a three-phase input unit, supplying 40A per module for power dense applications.

All the MT110V series are suitable for operation individually or with current sharing between multiple units of the same type. There are several settings available via the DIP switches on each unit, and with master and slave operation they can be easily changed with a single module. For further functionality, the MT110V series can be used with the USV6H range of DC controllers adding more options for your applications.

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